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Documentary series produced for Televisión Española for the Bicentennial of the Prado Museum.

Marking the bicentennial of the Prado Museum, Ramón Gener shares with viewers the great privilege of being the keeper of its essence, the great privilege of being alone amongst centuries of art and their thousands of stories, the great privilege of wandering the museum’s many halls, rooms, nooks and repositories in search of stories, moments and emotions that are awakened by works of art. Art is alive. Paintings have souls. And Ramón Gener will strike up a relationship of personification with them. They will elicit from him writings, melodies, stories, reflections and emotions that he will share with the artwork and with the viewer over the nights that he spends in the museum near the artworks, near these emblematic paintings that possess their own personalities.

  • Intermedia-globe Gold at 2021 World Media Festivals (Hamburg, Germany)



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